We provide mold up and prototype service for electronic consumer products like
PC, electrical home appliance, mobile phone, PDA, projector and industrial
products etc..

icon  Aesthetic Mold UpTo demonstrate acceptability of ID in term of appearance,
     colors and quality of the product designed. It is suitable for exhibition purpose.

icon  Functional PrototypeTo verify the product design acceptability in term of
     assembly, and functional test. This will help to reduce problem before product
     was launched for production

icon  Soft ToolA tooling for temporary use purpose

icon  Silicone Rubber Mold (PU Injection) When duplicated prototypes are required,
     silicone rubber mold is recommended. This will shorter the lead time and cost
     saving. There are 20 units of prototypes can be duplicated from one set of mold.

icon  Jig and FeatureFor product testing, inspection, operating and production use

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