Material Selection and Availability

icon  ABSSuitable for external part and good to form joining. Metallization
     treatment on surface like plating, sputtering and spray painting can be

icon  AcrylicTransparent material. Color dying, plating, spray painting and
     silkscreen printing are applicable but fragile.

icon  POMHigh abrasion characteristic. Especially for mechanical parts like
     gear and shaft.

icon  NylonNylon 6 and Nylon 66 are available

icon  PCHigh strength, ductile and heat resistance. Suitable for high heat
     required product.

icon  PU FoamApply for appearance and construction study purpose

icon  Aluminum AlloyApplicable for plating treatment and anode treatment.

icon  Magnesium AlloyLight and high strength characteristic. Raw material is
     generally used for 3C consumer products. Flammable metal.

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